4 Hr: $35.00……….
1 Day: $45.00…….
1 Wk: $180.00…..

  • Medium sized machine works well for larger areas.
  • Can be used for a multitude of jobs.
  • Great for using as a “finish” sander after a drum sander and before polyurethane.
  • Works well for lightly sanding hardwood floors in good condition.
  • These sanders are ideal for sanding in between coats of polyurethane.
  • Sand screens available in 60, 80, 100, 150 and 220 grits.  (additional charges apply)
  • Also perfect for stripping, scrubbing and polishing floors such as linoleum, VCT tile, ceramic tile and concrete.
  • Floor pads available in black, green or white.  (additional charges apply)
  • A sandpaper drive head is available for this machine (additional charges apply) allowing it to be used as a sander.  Available in 12, 20, 36 and 80 grits.
  • 12 grit works well for removing glue off both wood and concrete sub floor.
  • Buffers are commonly referred to as a floor scrubber, floor polisher, or floor machine.

Note:  This machine is available at a discounted rate of $20.00 per day for the first two days if rented in succession of a drum sander, belt style pro-sand package or $20.00 for one day if rented after a U-sand.

floor buffer

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