4 Hr: $45.00……….
1 Day: $45.00…….
1 Wk: $180.00…..

  • For installing 3/4″ tongue and groove domestic flooring.
  • Domestic flooring consists of oak, cherry, pine, and maple.
  • Floor nailers require 80 to 95 p.s.i. for proper installation.
  • Power nail brand, model 445, shoots a 16 gauge nail.
  • Nails are available for purchase by the box.
  • Nails are sold in boxes of 1000, and cover approximately 200 sq. ft.
  • Air compressors and hoses are available for rental.

nailer 445nailer nail 445nailer mallett

For a YouTube video on Powernail nailers click here:  https://youtu.be/KgAdcMH6TR0


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