4 Hr: $ 50.00……….
1 Day: $65.00…….
1 Wk: $260.00…..

  • Maximum load capacity 3000 lbs.
  • Will accept a car with a maximum tire width of 76″.
  • Will accept a car with a minimum tire width of 42″.
  • Works for compact front wheel drive cars only.
  • Standard tow dollies will not work for full size sedans, trucks, vans or any rear wheel drive vehicle.
  • For larger vehicles see super dolly or car trailer.
  • Vehicle with 5000 lb. tow capacity or greater is required. (call for further information on tow vehicles).
  • ¬†Uses 2″ ball and flat four pigtail light connection.

Note: Tow dolly can not be backed up once vehicle is loaded.

tow dolly 4


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